You only have a wedding once, which makes the wedding photos the most important ones. The photos I take, capture all the important moments of your day. Your smiles and emotions, the details that characterize you, the guests you care about. I want my photos to create a unique memory of your wedding day.

My point of view

To achieve this, I do not offer any packages that would limit my time to certain parts of your day. Unless you want otherwise I stay with you from morning till night. And I don’t mind if you start your preparations in the morning or before lunch, I’ll be there and you can count on me till night hours. I have an unofficial end around 9 pm, but I usually stay longer and if the party is still going, I will end after midnight without any problem. While taking photos I also manage to talk to guests and be a good company.

All-day I’ll be around but in a way that you don’t know about me. And because I love snapshots, don’t expect me to put you in stiff positions. I photograph what I see. I like when you laugh, when you have fun, when you look at each other with love.

Photos delivery

The main way I deliver photos is through the online gallery. You don’t have to wait to download the photos, you can view them immediately. You can share the link to the gallery with everyone you want right away without having to download or upload anything. You can download the photos separately or all photos at once. The number of photos you receive ranges from 300 to 500. I deliver the photos in digital form within 4 weeks.

So everything is not just online you will get a concertina book with 20 printed photos. If you wish you can also order a photo book.

Pre-wedding meeting

An important thing is a pre-wedding meeting. We can meet in a cafe or also we can have a video call. You will tell me the details about your wedding day, we will agree on what is your idea about wedding photos and I will also share with you the idea about my work at your wedding. And most of all we will get to know each other!

I will also show you a concertina book and a photo book with various styling options to adapt to your needs. And whatever you choose, you can always count on the best quality.


The price for my all-day work is CZK 24,000. Transportation costs are covered in the price but if I have to travel across the whole country or abroad, I will probably add some. Write me a few words about your wedding day, date and where it will take place. I will send you a specific price offer.


Have a look at the photos from the wedding days. The selection of the photos is to show you that I can take not only wedding portraits but most of all snapshots full of life!